Traditional custodians encounter a highly complex world when supporting private placements. Each order brings heightened risk with unique terms, execution and compliance further challenged by the exposure to the illiquidity of these assets. So this service is far from a utility. MATware provides a complete environment for the custodian, its clients and service providers to deliver an end to end solution with reduced risk, cost and enhanced transparency and reporting.

Order initiation, execution, settlement and safekeeping bringing the control of delivery vs payment to the non-DVP world of private placements

Supply investor support to access portfolio information through a branded web portal, and to initiate and approve orders

Connect trade, cash and settlement to ensure control over orders, cash receivables and payables

Link directly to banks to pay, receive and reconcile monies

Custody team management with pro-active trade control, work allocation and task management developed into a customized workflow engine

Integrate documents and data in a seamless platform

Order delivery by automated email and fax

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