Price and performance management

Price discovery for alternatives requires industry expertise and pro-active management of data from global, disparate counterparties. With MATware, the steps are clear, inputs are minimised and your business is on top of getting the best information available on a timely basis. And our Performance Ticker ensures you are always aware of the latest information.

Handles value based and unitized pricing and performance information as well as the breadth of industry conventions for equalization, series and commitment tranches

Adopts the principle of capturing the data as it is received so that users have clear, auditable processes

By delivering input controls MATware reduces data entry errors that are the most common source of valuation issues

MATware leverages your own expertise so that you are informed about what’s expected, when it is outstanding and where to go to get it

Pro-active price control dashboard guides your organization to ensure you are focusing on what’s needed to meet deadlines

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