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Comada’s Q1 2016 release of M.A.T.ware delivers the latest technology and features

January 28th, 2016 Posted by Press 0 comments on “Comada’s Q1 2016 release of M.A.T.ware delivers the latest technology and features”

It has been standard procedure for Comada to add features to its releases to meet the challenges of real-time changing business parameters.  However we also appreciate that the system’s architecture must also keep pace with modern demands.  Our latesrelease delivers significant improvement in functionality combined with modernisation in the system architecture which brings its own immediate benefits.

A new technology framework  

As business moves to operate on a wide variety of platforms and yet remain secure, we have introduced a framework which supports the browsers that people now want.  This means that M.A.T.ware operates on Chrome and Safari as easily as Internet Explorer or indeed any number of secure browsers.  This means consistency in the presentation and interaction aiding in the ease of use.

Our new framework also works for users operating on tablets as it supports touch screen systems.  With  modern work running on a variety of devices to support remote working as well as in-office work and given M.A.T.ware’s private cloud-based solution, it’s completely in line with operating securely anywhere.

Multiple approval process 

M.A.T.ware is used by both large institutions with a significant number of users and smaller firms that have only a handful of users.  It’s been critical to users that their way of working including internal controls, is suited to their business scale.  M.A.T.ware’s core strength is based on its configurability  that enables clients to actively manage every day complex processing and reporting with ease. This configurability not only ensures their system is sized best for their business today, but also provides the necessary scalable framework required for the business changes ahead.

One such area is multiple approvals (commonly referred to as “four-eyes”).  M.A.T.ware has well-established multiple approval controls over the trade process.  However this release extends a universal feature that allows businesses to configure multiple approvals as needed over functions.  An immediately useful implementation of this is in Price and Performance Management where firms that desire internal controls over price discovery can implement them.  Of course up front controls including data validation and tolerance checks have long been in place but multiple approvals extends this for best practice.

Increased speed 

M.A.T.ware has always been characterized by its precise, dynamic valuation process.  Supporting onshore and offshore hedge funds, private equity partnerships and equities through a pricing evaluation model allows for no compromises.  In order to enhance speed, Comada has targeted this critical area with a highly optimized process that means getting this information instantaneously is managed and delivered consistently.  Ultimately we know users want to get the results rather than spend time on a system.

Out with the old

As technologies evolve we constantly upgrade M.A.T.ware – for this release we have moved to Microsoft’s newest .NET architecture version.  We have also removed and replaced older (which today may only be a few years old) technology.  It makes us able to build new features more efficiently and therefore respond to the business requirements of our clients.

Latest Comada technology release addresses AIFMD liquidity reporting requirements

July 22nd, 2014 Posted by Opinion 0 comments on “Latest Comada technology release addresses AIFMD liquidity reporting requirements”

Comada’s M.A.T.ware software now upgraded to meet integrated cash management and liquidity reporting demands for hedge fund investors and custodians.

Hedge fund software developer Comada has released a new update for its award-winning M.A.T.ware technology for investors in alternative funds. Available immediately to Comada clients, the update meets the new reporting requirements of regulators, allowing investors and service providers to manage fund transactions without disruption.

The new release fully integrates cash management by combining cash from FX dealing, credit and position exposures into comprehensive view and projection features. It also includes enhanced liquidity features which recognise that hedge fund investors increasingly invest in a wide variety of illiquid assets like private equity and less-liquid securities.  Recognizing the impact on both sides of the balance sheet, the release also delivers asset / liability management reporting to assist organisations in managing those risks that may arise from mismatches in liquidity.

The release also recognises the new reporting requirements around liquidity of portfolios as introduced by the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). M.A.T.ware now delivers enhanced and standardised reporting around the delivery of liquidity information and also includes a UK Financial Conduct Authority reporting module to meet FCA Client Assets (CASS) requirements.

Said Dave Shastri, co-founder of Comada: “The global regulatory environment for both investors in hedge funds and their custodians has changed enormously in the last few years. Comada has been reacting to this by enhancing both the suite of regulatory reporting tools we make available to our clients, and the detailed cash management and liquidity data they require to support that reporting.”

Rupert Vaughan Williams, co-founder of Comada, added: “While prized for its straight-through-processing capabilities, Comada’s M.A.T.ware software is also highly regarded because of the additional live portfolio data it delivers to hedge fund investors. Our latest release allows this data to be used to meet new regulatory demands in an efficient and timely manner.”

Launched in 2006, Comada’s M.A.T.ware software is in use by hedge fund investors and custodians as both a hosted or internal solution for the management of portfolios of hedge funds and other alternative assets. It has won industry plaudits for the level of detail it delivers on actual and hypothetical portfolio liquidity and for secure electronic trade processing.

For more information, please contact Stuart Fieldhouse (Europe/Asia) or Dave Shastri (North America) or call +1 441 234 4400.